Unconscious Uncoupling: The Accidental Unraveling of Relationships

Unconscious Uncoupling: The Accidental Unraveling of Relationships

Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s Chris Martin announced their divorce in such a pleasant way many of us were unsure if they were breaking up or going on vacation. They did not call it a divorce.  They called it a “conscious uncoupling”. The words themselves fall on your ears like silk dipped in rose petals and sweet perfume.  Yet, it sort of felt like psychobabble used to get us to feel better…

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Lovely Lavender

Lavender LL2 My first experience with the color Lavender was playing in my Grandmother’s sister’s backyard during Springtime as a child. Lamiaceae, known as Lavender, is a part of the mint family. You can smell it’s sweet fragrance up to a block away and it carries with it the traces of many happy childhood memories. The color Lavender derives it’s name from the plant, as it is a softer tint of Violet.…

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This past weekend Lisa Raye joined the Jem’s Life for ASPS FOUNDATION to raise money and awareness.

The fundraiser was held on a beautiful rooftop in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Jem’s Life for ASPS is a non-profit organization formed in 2010 after celebrity makeup artist Jemisha McFerrin was diagnosed with ASPS. Sadly Jemisha lived misdiagnosed for nearly 9 years before her passing. In wake of Jemisha’s passing the foundation strives to keep her mission alive by helping others battling this rare and deadly disease by raising funds, awareness and supporting their needs so they can focus as they fight one of the biggest fights of their lives.

To  learn more visit jemslifeforasps.org

Lisa Raye posed with her fans and sponsors while attendees danced the night away The Hula Girl Drinks were flowing all night it was a great event for a great cause. I look forward to see what the foundation has planned for their 3rd annual event next year.

KISS Cancer Goodbye: Lisa Raye & the ASPS Foundation fundraiser This past weekend Lisa Raye joined the Jem’s Life for ASPS FOUNDATION to raise money and awareness.

#RHOA: Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Are Married

#RHOA: Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Are Married

kandi burruss todd tuckerOn the Real Housewives of Atlanta (#RHOA), the story line surrounding Kandi Burruss has always focused around her career and her love interests.

mama joyce

Her boyfriends have all tried their hardest to make an ally of Mama Joyceso they would eventually walk down the aisle with Kandi – until recently, Kandi has managed to become engaged twice but it seems one suitor has become the winner of Ms. Burruss…

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#LHHNY: Mendeecees Harris Out On Bail?

#LHHNY: Mendeecees Harris Out On Bail?

mendeecee harris yandy smith

Is Yandy Smith still spending nights missing her baby daddy, Mendeecees Harris? Well until today, he was absent – no tweets or Instagram pics or Facebook status updates.
The silence was broken with this message to his 200000 plus followers on Instagram. Do you think Mona Scott-Young help him get released early for taping? Let me know what you think.

Mona Scott Young
Mona Scott-Young

Mendeecees Harris and Yandy…

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MACnificent Hair: Why do Human Hair Extensions Love & Benefit from Silicon Products?

MACnificent Hair: Why do Human Hair Extensions Love & Benefit from Silicon Products?

Macnificent Hair

Who doesn’t love the idea of long, silky hair? Today, human hair extensions give anyone a chance to style their hair anyway they want, regardless of your original length and texture. When wearing hair extensions always remember to properly nourish and care for them.

Synthetic Hair

Fact -While synthetic hair extensions could be cheaper, they aren’t the best option for those who like to try out different…

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Sundy “The Not So Popular” Carter

Sundy “The Not So Popular” Carter

sundy carter jackie christie

This season on Basketball Wives-LA (BBWLA), we were introduced to a friend of Jackie Christie’sSundy Carter. By what we’ve seen and heard so far, Sundy has a strong connection with Mrs. Christie and her daughter has an “infamous naughty pic” circulating on Twitter – but not much else.

sundy carter

What we have yet to learn is what plans do Ms. Carter have after BBWLA(you know there will be a clothing…

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Reality Recap: Real Housewives of

Reality Recap: Real Housewives of

Here it is, just in case you missed it! The Real Housewives of Atlanta  Recap!

Greg Leakes and Peter Thomas continued the verbal exchange from last weeks episode . I think that Nene played coy and had a hid behind the fact that peter really refocus Greg . Someone needs to really hold a mirror up to ms Leakes . Mia is it ever okay for a friend to disrespect your husband ? If  you ever decided to…

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Patrick Cannon Can’t Shoot Straight

Patrick Cannon Can’t Shoot Straight

If you haven’t heard, yes, it is true, Charlotte, NC’s mayor, Patrick Cannon, was arrested in a dramatic show this past Wednesday while simultaneously, the FBI swooped in and searched his home, mayor office and his business, E-Z Parking. The entire day was drowned in media chatter, resident disappointment and real life scandal. From suitcases of money to luxury apartments, Charlotte’s mayor…

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Mary Mary…Tina Campbell’s Husband’s Cheating Dilemma/Father’s Illness

Mary Mary…Tina Campbell’s Husband’s Cheating Dilemma/Father’s Illness

mary mary

Recently, Tina Campbell (one-half of the famous gospel group Mary Mary) came out and admitted her husband has been having an affair. In this week’s episode of Mary Mary (WeTV), we see how Tina has been dealing with the heart ache and pain of her husband’s infidelity.

tina campbell s husbandWe like Tina Campbell – her passion, her relationship with her employees, and the way that she goes off on Mitchell. We hate to…

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