Cricket Community Stars: Salute to Solopreneurs #STSA

Cricket Community Stars: Salute to Solopreneurs #STSA

Cricket Wireless announces the launch of its Cricket Community Stars: Salute to Solopreneurs contest to recognize men and women who serve as one-person enterprises and still make it a priority to help their community.

“Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of most communities,” said Winston Warrior, Director of Marketing and Customer Acquisition, Cricket Wireless. “As a community…

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Healing Powers of Bella Blue

Healing Powers of Bella Blue

Blue is the color representing the ability to communicate our needs without doubt, it connects us to Holistic thought and Wisdom, allowing us to speak clearly with no bitterness or resentment, to engage in self expression lovingly, to apologize with integrity when we have hurt another, and to have clarity in our soul purpose & living our lives truthfully.

The shades of Blue belong to the Sea of…

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Cricket Wireless #STSA– 2014 BET Awards…Something To Smile About

Cricket Wireless #STSA– 2014 BET Awards…Something To Smile About

Cricket Wireless continues to give their customers something to smile about #STSA and I am excited to you all of the Los Angeles based Cricket family, your friendly, neighborhood cellular company wants to give you the chance to attend one of the hottest events to take place in Southern California this summer.

Yes, Cricket is offering all of their LA customers the chance to attend the 2014 BET…

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Mouth Off Moments: Father’s Day Edition

The Spotlight Diva wanted to give everyone a taste of her fabulous advice in her Mouth Off Moments - Father’s Day Edition

Cricket Wireless – Something to Smile About

Cricket Wireless – Something to Smile About

cricket wireless

AIO is now officially Cricket Wireless and with over 2 million subscribers to their network – Cricket is making an impact in the cellular world. Although there is a new name and new logo; members of the Cricket family can still expect low pricing plans, excellent cellular service and the most up to date mobile phone technology being offered in the nation.

Cricket Wireless service plans start…

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Bitter Woman’s Day

Bitter Woman’s Day

father's day card for momFather’s Day has just passed and I cannot help but cringe at the  inappropriate and downright bitter posts that have flooded my timeline wishing single mothers a happy Father’s Day. All I can do is shake my head because it’s a childish, passive-aggressive way to say “my (or my child’s) father ain’t sh*t.”

Is that even necessary?

What purpose does it serve to have women showboat, take credit for,…

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Red is the Rose of Love and Passion one seeks out their entire Life to find in a Beloved, only to…

Red is the Rose of Love and Passion one seeks out their entire Life to find in a Beloved, only to discover Love has surrounded them all along in many Forms. The illusion of Life is that we are Separate from the Love of our Creator, but we are not. Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of Love, but unlike her Roman counterpart Venus, she represented not only sexual love but also of affection and all…

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Is There Mass Hysteria of Unracism?

Is There Mass Hysteria of Unracism?

Don Sterling did it. He has opened the flood gates and made a mentality amongst the good ole’ boys known flat out, red handed, its O-V-E-R.

I will state that the media has yet to authenticate the audio but it doesn’t look good for big belly Sterly. He hasn’t adamantly denied the allegations, which I am sure someone would do if the audio was a lie. But he hasn’t, which makes me lean more toward…

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Hell hath no fury like a MAN scorned

Hell hath no fury like a MAN scorned

Everyone knows the famous saying, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. That may indeed be accurate, however I’ve found out that a MAN scorned is ten times worse than any woman scorned. They may not want to admit it, but a man that has been dumped by a woman or has experienced infidelity can’t handle the pain. Some men that have been treated wrong in a relationship,will totally shut down…

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Shaven or Unshaven: A Discussion for Today’s Man

Shaven or Unshaven: A Discussion for Today’s Man

The title of this piece may throw some of you off mainly because the question of shaven or unshaven usually pertains to how men prefer their women to be around their most intimate area.

I’m flipping the script on this as to the men taking the time to groom down their in what might be their most prized area.

Today’s world has brought us the metro sexual male, the male that takes extra care of…

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